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Emotional Freedom Techniques

When we Tap, we are non-verbally communicating with the amygdala, the fear center of the brain, and part of our limbic system, responsible for fight or flight responses to threats.

drawing showing location of amygdala

Both fight and flight responses are necessary for our survival. There is another, lesser-known response: the freeze response. We freeze when neither fight nor flight is possible in the face of a threat. We experience this as trauma.

While the freeze response exists in the mammalian brain to keep us safe, in humans, it can cause unexpected problems. That is where EFT comes in!

This powerful video, made by EFT developer Gary Craig, demonstrates some of the amazing possibilities of this remarkable tool.

No More Brain Freeze!

While focusing on negative trigger words, we tap on traditional acupuncture points, sending the message to the amygdala that all is well; we are safe. The tapping gently and effectively discharges negative emotion stored in the body, like stress, anxiety, fear, anger, and the like. Because we are simultaneously focusing on triggers that have been problematic, the result is that the trigger and the stress response are no longer paired.

Happily, this does not affect healthy stress responses to new threat; it only brings our responses back into balance, so that we no longer overreact to real or perceived threats. We find instead that we are able to be more present, and have more clarity in the face of stressors. We get a part of ourselves back online.

5 Steps to Emotional Freedom

  1. State the problem as specifically as possible.
  2. Rate how intense the problem is for you right now, from 0 to 10, with 0 being no problem to 10 representing the worst.
  3. Tap on the side of the hand while saying a setup statement: “Even though I have [this problem], I am open to this changing.”
  4. Tap through the points, while speaking aloud specific negative phrases or words associated with the problem.
  5. Rate the distress again. If it is a zero, you are done; if not, repeat steps 2–5 until it is.

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Gary Craig’s Original

1 State the Problem

2 Rate the Problem

3 Set it Up

4 Tap it Down

5 Rate and Repeat

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