Tapping with Tom


“I truly want to thank you for the tapping sessions you have blessed me with. They have been transformative and have begun to internally shake things up for me and create shifts. I am releasing stagnation and am looking forward to my future.

“Thank you again and I look forward to our continued success.  Cheers to Top Notch Tapping with Tom!”  🙌🏽

~Lisa L.


“What an amazing session! Ever since I can remember, I have been plagued with an insatiable desire to be loved which in turn has caused me to being extremely reticent to put myself out into the world (a very challenging trait when launching a new business!). Tom was able to effortlessly help me go back to an important childhood experience that turned out to be main root cause for this fear of putting myself out into the world. His tapping and the words accompanying it were exactly what I needed to neutralize the impact of that forgotten experience. Thank you Tom, it was brilliant!”



“Tom, thank you so much for that session you gave me! It was so valuable I listened to and tapped with it on the recording three times already. Before the session I was feeling an intense, heavy energy. I thought, I’m glad I’m going to have a sessions with Tom soon. I think it will be very helpful for me. And it was! It transformed my state and helped me to feel much better. And gave me some extremely valuable insights and awarenesses of what has been causing some problems in my life. You did a brilliant job of tuning in exactly to what was going on, what the issues were, and what needed to change. And then facilitated the changes. I am so grateful for you!”

~Sunnie Skillman

Tom is so good at holding space and really getting down to the core mixed with a little bit of humour too which I personally love, which he adapts and as mentioned holds that space whatever your going through . I am an advanced EFT Practitioner and he is definitely my go to ! We worked on a sugar addiction last session and while nothing else worked boom ………., I have not had any sugar since and I Certainly do not want it ! I have booked another 12 sessions with Tom as I just want tap out my crap, lol Thank you so much Tom.

~Tania MacDonald


“I definitely remember that I was at times very upset with mom, but now if I try to think about it my emotions are flat and I really have to think very hard about why I was angry in the first place. Strange realization. Memories of mom are still very much intact, just the feelings of anger are gone. I would not have believed that could happen if I hadn’t experienced it myself.”

~Sarah E.



“I wanted to do EFT with Tom because he seemed like an amazing practitioner. I had a life-changing session with Tom. He is naturally intuitive and has such a wonderful energy that makes a safe space to heal in. I was able to accept parts of myself that I hadn’t before and love myself in a way that I didn’t before.”


“Your words are so kind.  You seem to really get all of this, and your process seems very effortless and intuitive.  As a client, that really helped me feel calm and safe from the get go.
“I’m excited!”
~Torri J


“Tom is an excellent tapping practitioner — one of the best I’ve seen. He’s insightful, patient, and intuitive, and he has a wonderful sense of how best to work with someone.”

~Lisa Nichols


“Love the sessions with Tom , really gets down to route issues and is such a pleasure to work with as really is on your level , a very gifted and amazing guy ! 💫💫💫💫💫💃.”

~Tania MacDonald


“I enjoy EFT sessions Tom W, because I feel safe and free to let my issues out for transformation, and things really do change for the better afterwards. Thank you Tom!”

~ J.J.B.

“I approached my tapping session with Tom with caution regarding any kind of transformative outcome. I generally feel leery about”techniques” and had dismissed tapping every time I heard about it. I agreed to this session due to curiosity about what my dear friend Tom was up to. I had a surprise in store.

We went on an adventure with Tom at the helm, modeling the tapping and facilitating the emerging narrative. As we began, I went with the first memory that bubbled up. That became the theme of the narrative: a traumatic experience with my ex. Accompanied by Tom, I experienced the core center of the trauma, followed by reimagining a different scenario from the perspective of my wiser, older self. A beautiful image came towards the end of the session: my hand reaching out to his hand in a spirit of peaceful restoration. The tapping session with Tom dispelled my initial dismissal of “superficial techniques.” And Tom was a skillful, gentle, encouraging facilitator, creating a container of safety for this stuck memory to see the light of day, to experience healing. I most highly recommend Tapping with Tom!”

~Sue Haynes

“Tom is a warm and thoughtful EFT Tapping Practitioner. He has a passion for learning and understanding how the techniques work so that he can apply the principles well in his own practice and with his clients. Tom is also naturally creative and compassionate. Those are important skills to have as no two sessions are alike even for the same client.

“Tom was quickly quite capable even as a beginner learning the techniques in class. As one of his instructors, I am excited for Tom’s future as he gains more experience.”

~Deanna Lyons, EFT Trainer,  Tapping The Matrix Academy


“Wonderful tapping with Tom, i felt safe and in good hands. Tom’s intuition is on spot, he holded space for me to go through major healing. I highly recomand.”




Tom is a very intuitive, and safe EFT practitioner. With his intellect and insight, he is able see through things and get to the core issues. Tom has a great sense of humor and he weaves this into our sessions. Highly recommend Tom!


I’m an experienced EFT Practitioner and love working with Tom. He has the ability to hold space for tough emotions, as well as to capture and speak to the negative parts of ourselves that we often fear giving attention to in a way that allows for that emotion to release. He is a warm and bring a wonderful sense of humor to the sessions, putting you at ease when things get more heavy. I highly recommend Tom!

 ~Jess Johnson



To start, Tom’s kind, gentle and patient approach creates a safe place for optimal healing. Then, through empathetic listening and his seemingly natural processes, he was able to guide me to releasing some strong feelings of judgment and annoyance related to long term relationship of mine. It’s been a feeling of real freedom! I plan on working more with Tom as I find his gifts/skills very powerful. Thank you, Tom!



Through Tom’s empathetic guidance, my first glimpse into the EFT process was deeply emotional and highly beneficial in a healing way. In this second session with Tom, his ability to really listen to me encouraged me to slowly open like the blooming petals of a flower. Long held experiences/memories climbed to the surface where they morphed into bubbles that floated away and popped. This left me feeling lighter, more exuberant, and able to fill the open pockets with more positive truths for me. As with my first session, I expect that in the coming weeks I will come to realize additional amazing effects emerging from this experience with Tom.

~Sarah E.



Tom is very thorough and understanding. After several sessions where we may or may not work with a younger self, Tom still remembered my nickname when I was a kid. It made the session very powerful and impactful. To add, after our Hacking Reality sessions, I see major results! Things definitely shift energetically and that’s why I continue to work with Tom!

~Tamika Wells


I was so impressed by my first session with Tom and decided to do another. I was elated to experience such profound healing and insight yet again. Tom is a master healer who has such incredible intuition and compassion. If you are struggling with anything that is affecting your heart, mind or body, run to book an appointment with him!

~Limor Inbar


Tom was fabulous during our session! He got right to some core issues and tapped them out! We did a great reimprinting with the younger self too! Thanks Tom! I felt much lighter the next day. I was. exhausted after our session.. he helped move out a lot of energy.

Laura L


Tom an amazing Hacking Reality and EFT practitioner. I’ve had many break-through sessions with him working on core issues and deeply ingrained survival mechanisms – what a relief and blessing! Tom has a wonderful way of using his intuition to gently help to bring out “what’s underneath”, that might not have been fully seen yet. I deeply appreciate his wisdom which has been instrumental in guiding me in my healing process. Tom undoubtably is a gifted, very experienced, well-rounded, gentle and insightful practitioner – it’s my pleasure to highly recommend him to everybody! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Tania Macdonald


“Hi Tom, there’s a new woman living in my home. She is taking walks, 2 a day, doing her homework, doing her visualization you gave me. I had wonderful day. Thank You, 😊

“Also Tom, this new woman on her walk this morning, someone was outside I was ready to turn around and go back when the vision of my little child in me stop me. I thought I am loved and😊wanted and it wasn’t my fault. So as I walked on I stopped and spoke to this person.😍💕”

~Linda G

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