Tapping with Tom

Tap with Tom

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

I use EFT, or Tapping, along with Hacking Reality, to help you do just that. If you think you might like to work with me, and have questions, please contact me. I work with adults all over the world in Zoom meetings, and in case you are wondering, Zoom sessions are every bit as effective as in-person meetings!


EFT is Fast!

Results from Tapping can be remarkably fast. The first, short, informal session I experienced back in 2014 quite literally changed the course of my life. Still, I learned over time that I was only scratching the surface of the possibilities of these remarkable techniques.

Packages and Hacking Reality

That is why, in addition to single sessions, I offer deep discounts for packages of five and twelve sessions. I want to support you as you change some of the most deep-seated patterns that prevent you from reaching your potential. With multiple sessions available for our work together, we can identify and reprogram old, unhelpful beliefs and decisions made in childhood through Hacking Reality, the most powerful techniques available to me.

Three Steps to Emotional Freedom

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  • All sessions are 90 minutes


Below are the prices I am charging during my pre-certification process.
Those who purchase sessions during this period will be eligible to continue with additional sessions after my certification for 20% under my regular prices.

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Why Tapping with Tom?

I have been trained in EFT by Deanna Lyons and Rob Nelson, of The Tapping Academy, and in Hacking Reality by Rob Nelson.

From my office in Maine, USA, I have worked with clients all over the continent and beyond. The success I witness as clients Tap on their greatest challenges, and Hack Reality for their Younger Selves is a powerful motivator; I can’t imagine a day will come that I don’t want to help people with these powerful tools!

Please Note: I am NOT a licensed health care provider, counselor, or psychotherapist. I offer my services as a self-help educator and ordained minister. I do not diagnose or treat illness, disease, or psychological disorders. EFT and Hacking Reality are not a substitute for professional health care. Information provided in this website is for general education and not intended to replace qualified medical or psychological advice.